London 2012 Olympics Live Streaming

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The peacock logo National Broadcasting Company (NBC) is America’s most popular commercial broadcasting television network and radio network. Located at New York with the slogan “Every day is full of color, More Colorful” it has 10 owned operated stations and almost 200 affiliates in the USA and its territories. NBC is still part of the company NBC universal which is a joint venture of Comcast and General Electric. Comcast Corporation is until now the largest home internet service provider, telephone service and cable operator in the USA. They provide internet and telephone cable television services. Comcast is still located at Pennsylvania. These two big providers NBC and Comcast will be the official and remain to be the Olympic Network, actually up to 2020 games. London games will begin next year July 27 till August 12. NBC won the bid for the official Olympic network. The network plans to show every event live even in raw video streaming but the network will still use that traditional method of human interest features and taped competition.
NBC Sports Chief Mark Lazarus said "I think we will likely bring some more streaming to the marketplace in real time, but those plans have been thought through," Lazarus said of 2012. "And frankly in the last 15 or so days since we've been putting this together [the 2014-2020 presentation] we've been focused on this bid."  But to Lazarus, the sports fan of today demands closeness and that doesn't have to be mutually exclusive to highly stylized broadcasts aired when people are most likely to be sitting in front of the TV. The network plans to show every event live starting in 2014. That approach will extend to two years earlier in London, as NBC experiments to figure out what works best. Still to be determined for next year is how exactly the live coverage of those porch events that anchor main time will be presented earlier in the day.

The Official London 2012 Olympic Posters

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Presenting the 12 poster of 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics games. Each poster has a different interpretation from the 12 artists that made it.  The Olympic posters were designed by Martin Creed, Anthea Hamilton, Howard Hodgkin, Chris Ofili, Bridget Riley and Rachel Whiteread. While the Paralympic posters were designed by Fiona Banne, Michael Craig-Martin, Tracey Emin, Gary Hume, Sarah Morris, and Bob and Roberta Smith. These official posters were artistically and uniquely made for this event this is a once in a lifetime event in London so their making the most of it. From arts to buildings, transportations, parks, ceremony and their own athlete to represent their country. London is almost done for the preparation next year they only have 262 days to prepare the event. All of us were excited even me, by the start of the year I’m sure updates from all over the world will begin to pop out the news. As of now London is unveiling their progress slowly the medals are officially shown the tickets are already out. So almost ready, I guess the days can tell of how fast approaching the Olympic is.