Will You Dance With Them? Rhythmic Gymnastics 2012

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

                            What a flexible body they have almost like rubber with no bones on it. This is what we called Rhythmic Gymnastics it was first appeared during the 19th century, and knew until the first competition in 1930s. It was evolved from classical ballet, German muscle-building techniques and Swedish exercise systems, it’s one of the most highlighted events in the upcoming 2012 London Olympic celebration.

The Grand Slam Tournament: Tennis of 2012

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tennis is enjoyed by millions of players at all ages. Also its popular worldwide by its simple equipment you will only have a racquet and a ball to play the game, you will also need a partner to perform the sport. It can be a two player game the singles and two teams of two players each which is the doubles. The competition in London next year in the 2012 Olympics will feature a five medal events of Men and Women singles and doubles. At London 2012, the Tennis tournament will be played according to a knockout format, with the winners of the semi-finals in each event going head-to-head on Center Court for the gold medals. The venue will held at Wimbledon, where England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club perform such sport event like this.

The way of Foot and Fist : Taekwondo 2012 in London

Monday, May 23, 2011
This is a korean martial art which offers plenty of actions. The object of Taekwondo is to land kicks and punches on your opponent’s scoring zones: one point is awarded for a valid kick or punch to the torso, two points for a valid spinning kick, and four points for a turning kick to the head. The action takes place inside an 8m x 8m zone called a court, with each contest made up of three two-minute rounds. Over their standard white uniform, known as a ‘dobok’, competitors wear coloured protective equipment. The competitor wearing blue is referred to as ‘chung’, while the competitor in red is ‘hong’.The eight Taekwondo events at the London 2012 Games – four weight categories for men, four for women – will be played in a knockout format. The winners of each contest will qualify for the next round, with the two finalists going head to head in the gold medal contest. All competitors who lose to one of the finalists will enter the 'repechage', which will eventually determine the winners of the bronze medals.

Jade Jones of Great Britain celebrates 
with her Gold medal after winning
in the 55kg Taekwondo final at the 
Convention Centre on day three of 
the Youth Olympics onAugust 17, 2010
in Singapore.

Samurai Martial Art: Jujitsu the base of Judo

Friday, May 20, 2011

Jujitsu and Judo are the only samurai martial art that didn’t involve a weapon. Judo is a sport for which athletes are called upon to employ an intricate mix of attack and defense. The sport’s one-on-one battles can be tough, tense and explosive, as competitors fight for command against equally determined opponents. Judo contests last five minutes, with scores awarded for different throws and holds. However, a contest ends immediately if a competitor is awarded ‘ippon’ – the maximum score. If the scores are tied after five minutes, the contest enters a golden score period, when the first score of any sort wins. All of the Judo events at the London 2012 Olympic Games – seven for men, seven for women – will be played in a knockout format. The winners of each contest will qualify for the next round, with the two finalists going head to head in the gold medal contest. The defeated quarter-finalists will compete in two 'repechage' contests, the winners of which will then go up against the two defeated semi-finalists to determine the winners of the two bronze medals in each event.

Jab and Hook Punch! The 2012 Olympic Boxing

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The venue will be held at Excel, the multipurpose venue that will horde the other Olympic sports, as well as the Paralympics. The rules before way back in the 7th century are still the current rules today in the game. Boxing competition in 2012 will feature 10 men’s weight categories, from Light Fly Weight (46-49kg) to Super Heavy Weight (over 91kg). At London 2012, women’s Boxing will feature as a full Olympic medal event for the first time, with medals in three weights: Fly Weight (48-51kg), Light Weight (57-60kg) and Middle Weight (69-75kg). In the Olympic Games, men’s bouts take place over three three-minute rounds, with women’s bouts held over four rounds of two minutes each. Boxers score points for every punch they land successfully on their opponent’s head or upper body. On the actual event it will run in a knockout format. . The winners of the two semi-finals in each weight category will fight for the gold medal; with the losers of the two semi-finals each awarded a bronze.
 Manny Pacquiao Pound for Pound King

Film Producers in 2012 Opening Ceremony

Monday, May 16, 2011

LOCOG (London 2012 Organizing Committee) has already announced the committee of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the 2012 Games. These are Stephen Daldry, the Oscar-winning film and theater director, as Executive Producer, Creative; Mark Fisher, concert, theater and Beijing 2008 Games production designer as Executive Producer, Design; Hamish Hamilton, Grammy and BAFTA award nominated TV director, as Executive Producer, Broadcast; and Catherine Ugwu, Producer for the 15th Asian Games in Doha in 2006 and the XVII Commonwealth Games in Manchester in 2002, as executive Producer, Production. Danny Boyle, the Oscar-winning British filmmaker and producer, was also announced as the Artistic Director for the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games. The 3 Mills studios will be be the production center of the team.

Who will light the Olympic Torch in London?

Sunday, May 15, 2011
In history the Olympic torch is lit in a traditional ceremony. It’s the symbol of the Olympic Games representing peace, unity and friendship among nations, which will bring the spirit of the game on everyone in the world. Next year’s torch relay will much more exciting because the flame will be carried by 8,000 torchbearers all the way to London. The three representing partners for the torch relay will be Coca Cola, Lloyds TSB and Samsung. The lucky torchbearer will be state this month of MAY 2011. I’ll be updating who would that person will be. For today the nomination is still being process.  There are lots of humor leading candidate bearer these are; Tom Daley the diver, Rebecca Adlington the swimmer, David Beckham the game booster in Football and Princess Anne the Royal Olympics Gold Medalist. 

“The Olympic Flame will literally shine a light on inspiring people, places and 2012 Games projects and programmes right across the UK as communities begin their Olympic celebrations with the Torch Relay. 95% of the UK population will be within a one hour journey time of the Olympic Torch Relay and we are now developing the Torch which will be one of the key visual icons of the London Olympic Games.”    ~ Sebastian Coe, Chair of LOCOG

2012 Paralympics Event: Roads and Tracks!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

As you’d know in every Olympic Games the Paralympics is always by its side. Paralympic Games is a multi sport event where disabled athletes can compete too despite by their physical disability. The word “Para” means beside or alongside in Greek preposition.  In the 2012 London event there are 20 sports have been already program, it breaks down into two disciplines the Road and Track. These are Archery, Athletics, Boccia, Cycling in Road, Cycling in track, Equestrian, Football 5 and 7 sides, Goalball, Judo, Powerlifting, Rowing, Sailing, Shooting, Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball (sitting), Wheelchair Basketball, Wheelchair Fencing, Rugby and Tennis.

Shopping Spree at London 2012

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

 A full range of merchandise is available in the official London 2012 shops. People will tend to visit London in 2012 not just to see the games and to capture the event but also to buy some merchandise specifically souvenirs. There are bags, toys, shirts, jackets, mugs, bed covers, shoes and many more to mention. Here are some of the stuffs that you might want to buy when you go to London.

London 2012 Game Preparation Series

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Athletes, volunteers and the British public will help the London 2012 Organizing Committee go through its paces ahead of next year's Games, as it tests crucial aspects of its operations. More than 10,000 volunteers, 8,000 athletes and 250,000 spectators will participate in a 12-month testing program for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, starting this summer and ending in May 2012. Branded the London Prepares series, the agenda will see some world class sporting events come to London's iconic existing venues, as well as brand new venues in the Olympic Park. The London Prepares series will spotlight on testing aspects such as the field of play, results, timing and scoring systems, how teams work together and how people move around venues. There are different types of events, events that are being organized and ticketed by LOCOG (2012 Organizing Committee go), events run by LOGOG that are not ticketed, and events that are not organized by LOCOG. There are four ticketed LOCOG events taking place this summer, two of which are taking place on the Olympic Park. Tickets will be available exclusively via Ticketmaster from 26 May 2011, with prices ranging from £5 to £35. Payment is possible only by Visa card only (debit, credit and prepaid product).Here are some picturesi n London prepares series.