LONDON 2012 Public Transportation

Tuesday, May 3, 2011
London wants to make an easy transportation in the games in 2012. The goal is to get the visitors in the games by using a public transport or by walking or cycling.  Billions of pounds have been invested to boost the capacity and accessibility of the transport network. There will be additional services on trains and tubes and will run later. However, it will be busy and take longer than normal to travel between venues. You will need to travel earlier and be prepared for lines, especially in the station venues. Improving their existing transports and buildings, London and UK were also contributing progresses that are already planned by their transport partners. This work project will help 10,000 visitors to get into the games each day and also they will provide better transport options for those visitors living in east London. 
London Underground Train
 Olympic Route Network
DockLands Light Railway
West Ham


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