AZKALS can’t play in London 2012

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

According to BOB MAKER’s question to TM Dan Palami, AZKALS of team Philippines will not be joining the prestigious 2012 London Olympics. This sad news asks why? The reason is PFF previous management was unable to fulfill the requirements. The deadline for submission to join was on the second week of May 2011 which is just last month, but PFF gave the letter a month after Dan Palami tried to appeal for an extension for the deadline but then it was too late. London 2012 football’s first leg was just last February 23, 2011 and the second game leg was on March 09, 2011. There were national teams that have been accepted like Myanmar and Maldives, if any of the participants will withdraw the game then team AZKALS will be able to fill the spot. Let’s just hope for the best for team AZKALS and continue support them in their game, even if they will not be in Football Olympic event next year they are already invited in the SEA Nation Games this year.


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so sad

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