One Year to GO!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011
Celebrating 365 days to go and counting exactly 1 year before the prestigious 2012 Olympics in London. Every athlete in all over the world is preparing to compete. The host country is busy too preparing more and exceeding of what people more to expect in the event. The stadiums are almost finish they’ve been testing them in every sports, as of now they are gathering 10,000 performers to perform in the opening and closing ceremony. Volunteers must be 18 years old and be able to perform as dancers, actors, percussionists and general all-round performers in the ceremonies. You must be able to participate the two auditions in this coming November and early December. Director Danny Boyle and Kim Gavin are the one who’s in charge in the ceremony.

Tom Daley dives into the diving pool inside the Aquatics Centre, celebrating one year to go, Britain’s youngest competitor in the 2008 Summer Olympics, by then he was just 14 years old. Last 2009 at the age of 15 he won the FINA (Fédération Internationale de Natation) world championship.


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