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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Not yet reserve? Well here’s your chance to sign up in London 2012 Olympic Tickets.  Olympic tickets have been owed already. During this time from the winter of 2011 any Olympic tickets which remain unsold will become available for sale in their website which will have a first come first serve basis. Paralympic tickets will be accepting applicants from September 9, 2011 between 9am on Friday and September 26 2011 at 6pm Monday. When applying for tickets you need to be at least 16 years old and above. When you apply it online you need to be a resident of UK or any European country. The application process is just simple but with many sporting event and venues, I merely suggest that you take time to think up your plans including to whom are going to be with discussed and plan it well. You must organize when choosing your different kinds of sessions like the preliminary rounds, medal and weekend sessions. You can only submit one application. There is no advantage when you submit it in the first day or the last day but to avoid rush just don’t submit it on the last day. There are different kinds of tickets available these are the full price, senior, young person, wheelchair space, general admission, reserved and day pass. Each session ticket has a limit, which will be clearly specified. If you’re no longer using the Olympic Games tickets that you have been allocate, you will be able to sell it at the official London 2012 ticket resale program next year. This is the only authorize resale program from people offering tickets for resale. Olympic tickets are non-transferable and must not be sold or advertised for sale on the internet, newspaper or anywhere else but only in the resale program. Please be cautious and be more wary with those other websites selling tickets online to avoid scams.  


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