The London 2012 Olympics Medals

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

David Watkins was designer of the Summer Olympics in London next year. The medals were presented by Her Royal Highness, the princess Royal and London 2012 Chairman Sebastian Coe along with the international Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge and the Coordination Commission chairman Denis Oswald. This will be the greatest achievement of the athletes in 2012 Olympics and their going to bring this home in their country to symbolize victory. The event will produce more than 2,000 copies for 302 ceremonies that will last 16 days of competition. The Olympic medal symbols on front and back juxtapose the goddess Nike, for the spirit and tradition of the Games, and the River Thames, for the city of London. On the back of the medals is the 2012 branding, representing the modern city as a jewel-like, geological growth. The logo is shown against a 'pick-up-sticks' grid which radiates the energy of athletes and a sense of pulling together. The River Thames runs through the middle as a celebratory ribbon. The bowl-like background recalls ancient amphitheatres, with a square balancing the circle to give a sense of place. The sport and discipline is engraved on the rim of each medal, all of which will be produced by the Royal Mint at Llantrisant, South Wales.

Coe said: “I hope that seeing the design of the London 2012 Olympic medals will be a source of inspiration for the thousands of athletes around the world who are counting down the year before they compete at the greatest show on earth. All of our preparations are focused on ensuring the athletes are at the heart of the Games, and I believe that through this rigorous process the panel of experts have selected an artist and a design for medals that all athletes would be proud to own.”


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The design looks awesome :)

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