Me yellow way!

Saturday, April 30, 2011
A sunshine, the Simpson's, A bunch of ripe Bananas, a lemon, Sponge-Bob too! The submarine song, a piece of paper, a bouquet of pages, group of bees, bundles of sunflowers, an albino snake, an egg yolk, Despicable me’s minions, sometimes it’s a car, it’s a curtain, a pillow, a roof, a train or even your eyes. On occasion it can be a dress, shoes, a belt, a cap, a shade. One of the Olympics rings, your delightful emoticons, the rubber ducky that makes you brave in your tub, the warning sign,  Goku’s super saiyan form, the ribbon that supports the soldiers, the rose that symbolize caring, and many more!  It’s not the prime in colors but it’s the vibrant of them all, it means smile and warmth, the earth is surrounded by its radiance day by day. The moon that greets you goodnight and the stars that make you wish at night.


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